Mitschneiden von Metallica-Konzerten

Im Zuge der Veröffentlichung von „Death Magnetic“ gab es neben einer Pressekonferenz auch ein Konzert in Berlin. Während dieses Konzertes twitterte Johnny von Spreeblick, daß jemand das Konzert filmt. Mich wunderte das nicht, weil es IMHO eigentlich seit zich Jahren erlaubt, ja sogar von der Band gefördert, wurde, Konzerte zu filmen oder zu tapen. Irgendwie wollte Johnny das aber nicht so ganz glauben. Also mußte ich mich hinsetzen und Quellen suchen…

Die Quellen sind zum großen Teil etwas älter, ich hab aber nichts gefunden, was in der Zwischenzeit Bootlegging von Seiten der Band verbieten würde.

Well, 1st of all, you have to remember that you’re talking to somebody who advocates bootlegging, who has always been pro-bootlegging. We have always let fans tape our shows, we’ve always had a thing for bootlegging live materials, for special appearances, for that type of stuff. Knock yourselves out, bootleg the fuck out of it, we don’t give.

Lars Ulrich auf Slashdot

We have always and will always continue to condone allowing people to record our concerts and to freely trade live concerts.

Lars Ulrich im Yahoo! Chat, Mai 2000

This is the next logical step in a process that began back in 1991 when we first implemented the ‚Taper Section‘ at our shows, where the fans were encouraged to bring in their own gear to record the show, and then take home their very own ‚bootleg‘ of the concert they had just seen.“ said Metallica’s Lars Ulrich.  „This technology will enable our fans to get the best possible recording of the show, without having to hold a microphone in the air for the entire night!

Newsmeldung auf zum Launch von

Can I record concerts?
Recording is prohibited at most venues and it is up to YOU to determine this before you record any concert. You may record concerts for your own personal use if the venue allows it, but we ask that you please not sell, trade, donate, or barter the recordings in exchange for other goods or money. As a fan, you know that Metallica is very particular about the quality of their recordings and anything with their name on it. This standard of quality is lost when the band’s name is used and recordings are distributed without their permission.

Aus den FAQ von (Members only!)

I emailed the o2 about the camera situation and this is the response I got.

„Thanks for your email. The standard camera policy for events at The O2 is that small personal digital cameras are allowed, but professional or SLR camera equipment is not. If you bring any professional camera equipment it will be confiscated upon entry and you will be able to collect it at the end. Currently this is the camera policy for Metallica. It may be best to check a day before the event to see if this has changed but at this time that is the policy, so you will be fine bringing a small digital camera“

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Zusammenfassend kann man wohl sagen, daß die Band Metallica keinerlei Probleme hat, wenn jemand ihre Konzerte mitschneidet, solange das nicht kommerzielle Hintergründe hat. Sprich: Mitschneiden, traden, zum Download anbieten usw.: Ja. Verkaufen: Nein. Allerdings kann der lokale Veranstalter filmen, fotografieren und tapen verbieten.

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